Let's lead as a Multiplier

Are you multiplying the intelligence of everyone around you?Are people growing and developing in your presence?As a leader, do you know when you're accidentally diminishing others?

Learn leadership skills you can use today through a small cohort, capped at 5 Participants.This program centers around learning as a cohort of people from different industries and backgrounds.A 10-week curriculum, a full Multipliers Coaching Participant Kit shipped to you, and weekly group coaching conversations to help you work through leadership change that you want.Lots of resources shared every week, tied to the leadership skill conversation, in the form of podcasts, videos, and articles.

Can't commit to 10-weeks right now but want to focus on 3 high impact Multiplier skills?Learn more about our 3-hour core Multipliers Leadership skills workshop:

We're all Accidental Diminishers.

Want to learn how to turn down those tendencies?


We'll learn 3 core leadership skills together in a live 3-hour workshop, delivered virtually.We'll focus on these skills:

  • Asking Better Questions (instead of telling)

  • Learning From Mistakes (and creating safety)

  • Challenging People to Stretch (in an energizing way)

Here's what you'll get:

  • A full participant kit shipped to you, with a copy of the book, "Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter", a coaching journal, Back Pocket Question deck, and Accidental Diminisher discussion cards

  • A Notion page full of resources aligned to our 3 core skills (e.g. podcasts, videos, articles)

  • 3 hours of learning together as a group of 8, sharing experiences and scenarios to help these skills stick

Get notified

We'll let you know when the next 10-week public cohort is forming, with more detail on the schedule, what you receive, and what it costs.

You're all set

Once we reach the cohort minimum of 5, we'll send out further detail!

Check your email for a confirmation message, and you'll receive a PDF with detail on the full 10 weeks.